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Detroit, Michigan, beckons with its rich automotive heritage, vibrant music scene, and revitalized urban landscape. Known as the Motor City, it's the birthplace of the American automobile industry, offering visitors a chance to explore iconic landmarks like the Henry Ford Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts.

But Detroit is more than just its industrial past. It's a city on the rise, with a burgeoning arts and culture scene that's earning it a reputation as a cultural capital. From the eclectic galleries of the Eastern Market to the legendary music venues of Motown, there's always something happening in this dynamic city.

As for live events, Detroit boasts a calendar packed with excitement, from the electrifying performances at the Detroit Jazz Festival to the colorful celebrations of the annual Movement Electronic Music Festival. Whether you're exploring the vibrant murals of the city's neighborhoods, indulging in delicious cuisine at a local restaurant, or cheering on the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, Detroit promises an unforgettable experience for every visitor. Come discover why this resurgent city is capturing the hearts of travelers from around the world.